Monday, August 22, 2011

applecheeks sale!

we've got another great promotion running right now. all applecheeks' products are 10% off from now until september 16th! they've got really great fitting cloth diapers in a wide array of colours. check 'em out here! if you're looking for an overnight cloth diaper option, their 3-layer inserts paired with their cover works really well. if you have an especially heavy wetter, add a booster (or two or three) to the insert for extra absorbency. enter code APPLECHEEKS at check-out for the discount.

Monday, August 15, 2011

fuzzi bunz promotion!!!

FuzziBunz® Mystery Print Promo!
there is a great fuzzi bunz promotion going on right now so if you're looking to start your cloth diapering stash or add to it, now is a fantastic time. for every 6 fuzzi bunz diapers you buy, you will receive 2 diapers for FREE!!! the 2 free diapers you will receive are one solid colour and one exclusive print that you can't get anywhere else. there's no limit to the number of free diapers you can receive so if you buy 6, you'll get 2 free; if you buy 12, you'll get 4 free; if you buy 18, you'll get 6 free. you get the picture. all you have to do to claim your free diapers is make your fuzzi bunz purchase anytime from now until september 30th, 2011. then fill in the online rebate form and print it out. clip out the UPC codes from your 6 (or more) fuzzi bunz diapers and include a copy of your invoice dated between 8/15 and 9/30 and your envelope just needs to be postmarked by october 15th, 2011. fuzzi bunz will mail your free diapers to you directly. this is valid for both US and CDN customers. so hurry up and order your fuzzi bunz today. click here to see what we have in stock. orders will go out next business day. if we are out of stock on the colours you want, just send us an email and we'll get them ordered in to you, but your receipt will still be marked with the current date so that you don't miss out on this special offer.
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