Friday, December 31, 2010

applecheeks swim diaper WINNER!

hi all,

i forgot to post the winner of the applecheeks swim diaper yesterday. sorry about that! so i thought i'd do a quick post before the hubby and i head out for new year's eve festivities.

the winner of this giveaway is ...
congratulations to beth! look for an email from me in the next little bit. please respond with your mailing address so i can forward it to the people at applecheeks. if i don't receive a response by sunday, jan. 2nd, then i will draw for a new winner.

stay tuned for a new giveaway coming next week! you won't want to miss it.  :o)

happy new year!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

review + giveaway: applecheeks swim diaper

i know i've been MIA for a while. we were away for a short bit in november for a family vacation. as hard as we try to be environmentally-friendly, we just can't give up travelling...which is probably one of the most "un-green" things you can do.

since N is turning two this month, we thought we'd squeak in one last plane trip before having to pay full fare. so we went to the beautiful island of maui! it is already starting to get cold here, so we were looking forward to heading to warmer climes. since we'd be spending lots of time on the beach, it seemed like a good time to try a reusable diaper on for size. i've been wanting to try them for a while, but we're not allowed to use them at the pool where N has his swimming lessons. i approached the kind folks at applecheeks about doing a review on their new swim diaper, and they happily obliged by sending me one of their super cute corsica swim diapers.

so we took it for a test drive on ulua beach in south maui. we arrived at the beach, set ourselves up on a patch of sand, and proceeded to change N into the swim diaper. for those of you have never used a reusable swim diaper before, let me tell ya that it holds in solids (i.e. poop), but does not contain any kind of absorbent layer for liquids. i knew that going in, but what i didn't expect was for N to pee as soon as i put him in it. literally, he was in it for less than a minute when i noticed liquid trickling down his leg. :oP i then had to rinse off my straw beach mat since there was now a small puddle on it. overall, the diaper held up well and had a great fit. at the time of the trip, N was 23 months and 25 lbs. the size 2 was a great fit for him, just like the regular size 2 applecheeks pocket diaper. in fact, there is still a lot of room for him to grow into it, but the elastics were snug enough that nothing would leak out and the rows of snaps allow you to adjust to a perfect fit. i could definitely see using this as the beach instead of a disposable swimmer. unfortunately, i don't think it will work for the pool at the community centre as the ones in our neighbourhood state that diapered children have to be huggies/pampers-type swimmers.

here are some shots of N playing on the beach in his applecheeks...

applecheeks is kindly offering up one of their fab swim diapers to one lucky reader! visit and indicate which colour and size you would pick if you won. they come in two sizes and two colours (corsica, as pictured on N, and bonfire)

(please leave a separate comment for each additional entry)

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this giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the U.S. until Dec. 30, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. EST. the winner will be chosen using a random number generator. please include your email address in your entry so that i can contact you if you are the winner. you can email me at ecoparentblog [at] gmail [dot] com if you prefer not to post your email address here. if the winner does not respond within 72 hours, another winner will be chosen. good luck!

Monday, October 25, 2010

some me time

yesterday i got the chance to have a little "me time" and went to have a facial at a spa. a couple of friends had given me a gift card for a facial for my birthday, so i figured it was about time i used it (since it's been almost a year already!). the gift card was for a facial at pure + simple, which is a spa that uses all-natural (and mostly organic) products and its services emphasize holistic health principles. i've been experiencing bad skin since giving birth to my son almost two years ago. not sure if it's the weird hormones or if it's something else, but it's been a struggle dealing with it. the facial was very relaxing (with the exception of the extrations) and the esthetician was very good about explaining what she was doing and the products she was using. she explained that i needed to drink a lot more water since my skin was very dehydrated. i ended up getting a sampler kit to try some of their products at home. seems like quite the regimen, but if it'll give me nice skin, i'll do it!  :o)  if you live in the toronto area and you're looking for more natural skincare products, i highly recommend checking them out. david suzuki recently released a report about the "dirty dozen" cosmetic chemicals to avoid and all of the products at pure + simple are free of those chemicals.

Monday, October 11, 2010

mama earth organics

 i've been curious to try out one of these organic produce delivery services for a while, but with so many different ones out there, i couldn't decide which to try. i recently found this one company called mama earth organics and it seems to be reasonably priced. you don't have to commit to an entire season, but can just go week-to-week so the financial commitment is a lot less. for just $25 you can get a small produce basket delivered straight to your door. they also offer other organic items that you can add on to your order (such as bread, baking supplies, canned goods, cheeses, etc.). delivery is free for orders over $30 and the day of the week your basket gets delivered depends on where you live within the GTA. i think i'll give this a try some time this month. i figure at least it'll expand on the type of produce we eat and we'll also be supporting local farmers! more to come once we experience our first basket!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

another applecheeks giveaway!

in honour of their move to new offices, applecheeks is doing yet another giveaway! gotta love prizes, right? i still have yet to win any type of online giveaway, but that doesn't deter me from trying.  ;o)  check out applecheeks' newest colour...dark chocolate! i love it!

for your chance to win one of three little bundles or reusable liners, click on the following link:

contest closes on oct 20th!

btw, i'll be doing another review of some applecheeks product next month so stay tuned for that!

Friday, September 24, 2010

applecheeks giveaway

today is the last day to enter the applecheeks giveaway. you could win one of the following *awesome* prizes:

1. Two Little Bundles in the winners' choice of size and colour (1 per winner).
2. A set of wet wipes and Gentle Cleansing Solution.
3. Two zipper bags in either Cherry Tomato or Coriander (1 per winner).

i'm personally hoping to win a little bundle in the st. lucia colour. my fave!

you only have until midnight (EST) tonight to enter.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

fuzzi bunz: worth their weight in gold

i found this article via the fuzzi bunz facebook fan page. one mom worked out how much diapering her children in fuzzi bunz has saved her. it's a pretty interesting read. i knew that cloth diapering would save a lot of money, but i didn't know exactly how much. i love that you could basically diaper your babies for next to nothing, especially if you end up selling them afterwards. click on the link to read the article for yourself:

Monday, August 30, 2010

toronto groupon: $25 for $55 green cricket GC

check out today's groupon (for those folk in the toronto area:

get $55 worth of eco-friendly stuff from green cricket for just $25! free shipping within toronto for orders over $50. woo hoo!

thanks to michelle for the tip.  :o)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

back to school: the green way

you know summer is drawing to a close when all the back to school adverts start cropping up. saw an interesting article in the globe and mail about what some families are doing for a more economical and environmentally-friendly approach to the back to school season. it's all about reusing!

though it'll still be a while before nate starts school, these are some good tips to keep in mind when that day comes. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

reduce your forkprint!

last weekend while at lilith fair, i came across this great reusable portable utensil set. it's by a company called to-go ware. the set includes a fork, spoon, knife, and a set of chopsticks all made from bamboo. the utensils are all housed in a slim case with a carabiner attached to it so that you can clip it on to another bag. each set is made from recycled plastic, saving one plastic bottle from ending up in a landfill. good for the environment, stylish, and practical too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

review: overnight cloth diapering

applecheeks envelope diaper in lemon zest

many inserts = good absorbency = puffy bum syndrome :o)

we finally did it! we are now officially cloth diapering our lil guy full-time! as i had mentioned before, overnights were our last hold out. we were worried that having a wet bum would interfere with nate's sleeping and, as any parent, we did not want anything causing him to wake up in the middle of the night. but we decided to give it a go and find something that would work for his heavy overnight wetting.

ilana at applecheeks suggested their envelope cover with a three layer insert and a stay-dry booster. after doing the initial prep wash (3 x in hot water), i was ready to test it out on nate. first impressions: he looked awfully cute in his yellow applecheeks! we stuffed the cover with the three layer insert, the stay-dry booster, and the two layer bamboo booster. once it was all put together and on our boy's behind, it looked pretty bulky. it was hard to put his jammies on, but we managed to fasten all the snaps. fingers crossed that this first night would go well. we were pleasantly surprised when we woke the next morning and realized that nate didn't wake up overnight. when we went to change his diaper, there were no leaks and the bottom of his undershirt wasn't even damp. the applecheeks diaper, on the other hand, was quite heavy. eureka! looks like we've got a winner on our hands! now we just have to get at least one or two more to keep us going between washes.

in the meantime, we've started using our bamboozle fitted diapers again for overnights when the applecheeks one is dirty. we pair the bamboozle with either a bummis super whisper wrap cover or a thirsties cover. then we layer on a 4-layer hemp doubler insert and a fleece liner to keep moisture away from baby's bottom. this has also proved to be a good solution with no leaks, great absorbency, but the same bulkiness as experienced with applecheeks. looks like there is no way around the bulky factor if you want to ensure no leaks.

on a side note, one of my favourite things about applecheeks is that they are a canadian company (based in montreal) and all their products are made there as well!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Disney goes organic

You know that something has become more mainstream when even Disney gets in on it. I walked past The Disney Store at the mall yesterday and saw their window display advertising their new 100% organic t-shirts. The coolest thing about them is that they each come with a tracking code so that you can see the process of how your shirt came to be made. It's a great tool for kids as it teaches them how just a little cotton seed from a farm becomes a piece of clothing. You can view the site even without a unique tracking code if you just want general information. Check out the site at

Saturday, July 10, 2010

eco-friendly art supplies

i saw these great eco-friendly art supplies by eco-kids on the anthropologie website today and just had to share about them! with worries about toxicity in paints and toys and such, it's nice to find products that are all natural. at eco-kids, you can find all natural play dough, paint, coloured pencils and paper. their eco-dough and eco-paint even come in gluten-free! their products are made with ingredients such as flour, natural and organic fruit, and vegetable extracts. go to for more information about their products and for a list of retailers.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

cloth for the coast

i saw this on facebook a couple days ago and thought i'd share it with all of you. we cloth diaper mainly with fuzzi bunz diapers and saw that the company is organizing aid to help clean up wildlife that have been rescued in the gulf coast oil spill. they are collecting baby blankets, towels, cloth diaper inserts, prefolds, etc. here is a description from their facebook page:

Thank you for your desire to help with donations to help clean up our precious wildlife that is being killed, damaged and rescued along the Gulf Coast.

While we agree that BP should pay for and get supplies where needed - this is not going to happen and not going to happen in a timely fashion to save the lives of those directly injured.

One of the most used and needed products is towels, baby blankets and other items that must be disposed of to clean up the animals.

If you are not aware, Mother of Eden, LLC - makers of FuzziBunz Diapers- is located in Louisiana and founder Tereson Dupuy is directly involved with several organizations aiding in wildlife rescue. They are taking donations of old baby blankets, old prefolded diapers (not new) and old diaper inserts for pocket diapers (microfiber, cotton, hemp etc).

These supplies will be organized in their Louisiana warehouse and distributed with the help of Fedex who is donating the shipping to the agencies that request them on an ongoing basis.

This is not a situation that will end soon - all of your help and donations are appreciated.

To find other ways that you can help please visit to view other ways that you (our worldwide community) can get involved.

To send in donations of cloth items:

FuzziBunz Diapers
Attn: CFC
315 Weeks St
New Iberia, LA 70560

You can email with any questions, suggestions you may have to provide help with this situation.

Monday, June 21, 2010

eco parties

it's been a while since my last post. our household has come down with a virus and it's knocked us out for the last little while. i've got some entries planned in the next bit (that require some testing), so stay tuned for that. in the meantime, i saw this article a few weeks ago and thought i'd share it with you. it's all about eco-friendly birthday parties. my fave tip is the one about the favours:

i love the idea of practical favours that you can reuse!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

advocating for cloth!

i'm sure you've already noticed that i'm a strong advocate of cloth diapering. :o)

i came across this article on another blog earlier today that i thought was quite interesting. apparently disposable diaper companies are catching on that there is a cloth diaper movement underway and are out to convince parents that disposables are the better choice. of course they're the better choice ... for their own profit margins. anyway, i thought this blogger did a good job of dispelling the supposed "facts" that the disposable diaper companies are spreading to parents. check out the article for yourself here:

Friday, May 28, 2010

rockin' green

we've found a new laundry detergent for our cloth diapers and it's awesome! when i originally started cloth diapering, i researched online about how to treat them, what to wash them with, etc. one of the sites i found said that it was okay to use tide to clean them. even though it seemed like the diapers were clean and overall smelled okay, they just always seemed to have a mild lingering odour to them. so after purchasing my grobaby shells from, i noticed they had something in their "laundry care" section called rockin' green cloth diaper detergent. i thought i'd give it a try. i went to their official website ( to get the low-down on the how-tos, etc. so they said that initially if you've been using other soaps that aren't clean rinsing, you might end up with a major case of stinkies as all the guk that's been living in the diapers gets released. so i did an initial hot soak with the rockin' green, and then a wash with no soap. that seemed to do the trick. i've since washed with rockin' green a couple more times and gone is that mild lingering odour that was there before. even better is that rockin' green soap is dye free and 100% phosphate free so it's good for the environment and for baby's sensitive skin. we bought unscented to use on our diapers, but rockin' green also comes in other fun scents:
  • Orangevana - orange and cream combine together to reach a new level of cleaning awareness.
  • Smashing Watermelons- this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses.
  • The Green Tea's - the zen like blend of green tea and aloe, is sure to make it to the top of your playlist.
  • Rage against the Raspberry- this raspberry and honey blend will have you running around the laundry room looking for the mosh pit!
  • Mötley Cleän - there's clean and then there's Mötley Cleän. This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine.
  • Lavender Mint Revival- this medley of lavender and mint is like nothing you have heard or smelled before!
  • Bare Naked Babies- because we love the smell of babies, we offer an unscented variety too!
next time i think i'll get a scented one to use on our regular laundry!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

eco-friendly toys

when i was at the green living show last month, i came across a company called sprig toys. they distribute some pretty cool eco-friendly toys. one of the ones i saw demoed was the "discover rig". this thing is so cool! it's electronic, but not battery-operated. you basically roll the rig forward in activate the generator which fuels the lights and sound. it can hold up to 3 different "adventure guides" and each one tells a different story. it is made with recycled materials AND made in canada too! can't wait to get this for nate when he's a bit older (for ages 3 and up).

Friday, May 14, 2010

vacation diapering

recently, we went away for an extended weekend with nate. we had been searching for an eco-friendly diapering option while away from home and we finally found something that is a great alternative to regular disposable diapers. grobaby offers a travel system using biodegradable soaker pads in combination with their diaper covers. their "bio soaker pads" are made with biodegradable and compostable materials. i believe that the soaker pad itself will completely biodegrade within 50 days. their covers also dry super fast, which make it a really great travel option. we took 2 covers with us and 20 bio soaker pads with us for the 4 days that we were away. all you do is lay the soaker pad in the cover and then fasten it shut. for diaper changes, you just remove the soiled soaker pad and replace with a fresh one. if the cover isn't dirty, you can just reuse it. we even used this on nate for overnights and it did not leak. we had the second cover as a back-up during the day in case the first one got soiled, but the soaker pad was so absorbent that we didn't need to change the cover until the next day. so i would handwash the cover each night and hang it to dry. i think it would only take an hour or two to dry, but we left it for overnight just in case. right now all grobaby products are on sale as they're renaming their product line, so it's a great time to try them! we bought ours from natasha at so green baby. she's super nice and helpful.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

seventh generation coupon

right now you can save $2.50 off the purchase of 2 or more seventh generation products. look for the coupon of the top of the bottles. i bought 2 bottles of dish liquid @ loblaws yesterday for $5.48. a decent deal, i think. click here for more coupons direct from the company.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

no batteries necessary

while on a family road trip this past weekend, we visited this awesome toy store (benjo) in quebec city. it was probably nate's favourite spot on our entire trip. he was able to run around and explore and see all these fun toys. he even got to ride on a train around the whole store! but enough about that. while we were there, i noticed these cool looking toys packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging. they are all wind-up, so they require absolutely no batteries. how great is that?! they are made by a uk-based company called ecotronic. they have a rocket, a pocket radio, a boombox, and a phone amongst other things. check 'em out!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy earth day!

it's earth day! let's try to do something nice for our planet today. here are a few ideas:

1) walk or take public transit instead of driving today.
2) drink tap or brita filtered water instead of bottled water.
3) line dry your clothes instead of using the dryer.
4) disconnect your appliances when they're not in use.
5) go meatless one day a week.

for those of you in the toronto area, go check out one of these earth day events happening around the city:
- green living show (apr. 23-25 @ direct energy centre)
- earth day fun fair (apr. 24th @ waterfront montessori children's centre)
- earth day @ downsview park

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

giveaway update

i was having problems with the commenting function on this blog, so for those who tried to comment for the giveaway and experienced problems, i apologize! those tickets to the green living show are still up for grabs. if you're unable to comment here, please send me an email at: ecoparentblog [AT] gmail [DOT] com. first two people to contact me will each win a pair of tickets to this weekend's show.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

small steps, big difference

i came across an article from about how to go green in 20 small steps. i really encourage you to read the article and choose a few of the steps to incorporate into your daily life. i think overall you'd find that it's not difficult to make a few small changes. i felt really convicted to go to the next step in reducing waste and really try and make the switch to reusable wipes. disposable wipes are just as bad offenders in the pollution of landfills and take just as long to decompose. i've been hesitating on trying it out (even though i have some) just because i thought it'd be difficult, but i guess you never know until you i'm going to really give it a shot. i'll let you know how it goes.

in the meantime, here's a link to that article i mentioned. check it out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

enter our giveaway!

enter to win 1 of 2 pairs of tickets
to toronto's green living show!

the green living show is toronto's largest green consumer show dedicated to educating the public about easy and workable solutions for leading a sustainable lifestyle. visitors can shop the wide variety of exhibitor booths while gathering information and inspiration from a diverse selection of demonstrations, presentations, and activities. it is being held at the direct energy centre @ exhibition place in toronto on the weekend of april 23rd to 25th. also friday, april 23rd is youth day at the show. there will be many activities geared towards grades 7 to 12, including an eco-scavenger hunt. plus there's a kids zone with activities for those ages 3 to 11. there will be fun for the whole family and kids under the age of 12 get in for FREE!

we are so excited to announce our first reader giveaway! the folks at the green living show were kind enough to give us two sets of tickets to the green living show in toronto at the end of the month and we're passing them on to you! to enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post with your email address. the prize is one of two sets of two tickets to the show in toronto. the winners will pick up their tickets at the direct energy centre the day of the show. you have until 12:00 p.m. (EST) on monday, april 19th to enter. two winners will be drawn at random and will be contacted via email. if we do not receive a response from the winners within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected. good luck everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nate hearts books

my lil kiddo looooooves his books. he loves just sitting there flipping through the same book over and over again. most of the time, he prefers flipping the pages quickly. he also likes to taste his books. if i don't catch him in time, he'll start gnawing on a corner of the board book. luckily they're thick so they don't immediately disintegrate, but he has bitten off a corner before. a couple of weeks ago while i was shopping at costco, i noticed these books from priddy in the book aisle. they're printed on recycled paper and printed with natural soy ink. so big pluses on both sides: less pollution and less toxic! maybe this means i won't have to worry as much next time i find nate chewing on a book.  :o)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 Sprouts

milo the monkey - hooded bath towel
we received a couple of these hooded towels (made by 3 Sprouts) as baby shower gifts. not only are they cute, but they're made from organic and natural cotton, so you know you're wrapping your lil one in goodness. our lil boy puts absolutely everything in his mouth, so at least we don't have to worry when we see him tasting this particular item.  :o)
owl organic canvas storage bin
while on their site, i saw that they offer these storage bins as well. how cute are these?! these would make a great addition to nate's nursery. they're made from organic cotton and eco-spun felt (made from recycled water bottles). loves it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

another applecheeks giveaway!

found another applecheeks giveaway. this time it's for one of their new washable swim diapers. they come in two fabulous colour combinations: corsica and bonfire. click on the following link to enter:

Monday, March 22, 2010

cloth diapering giveaway

what better time to try cloth diapering? is doing a giveaway for a AppleCheeks MiniTest. the winner gets one AppleCheeks Size 1 or 2 envelope cover + 3 inserts in either hemp or bamboo. i love the st lucia colour shown in the photo. i hope i win this giveaway! nate would look so cute in this bright blue diaper! i haven't had a chance to try these diapers yet, but this seems like it'd be a great opportunity. while we've been primarily using fuzzi bunz, what i love about AppleCheeks is that they are a Canadian company and their product is made in Canada rather than overseas.

click on this link to enter the contest:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

cloth diapering

we are big on cloth diapering!

there are so many great reasons to cloth diaper your baby:
  1. all babies look adorable in cloth diapers! (see above) they come in so many fun patterns and great colours that cloth is simply fun to use!
  2. they are way cheaper than disposable diapers (especially if you plan on having more than one child). you can save thousands of $$$ by using cloth.
  3. they are healthier for baby. disposables contain chemicals, toxins, bleaches, etc. also, while we've cloth diapered our son, he hasn't experienced any diaper rash.
  4. they are so much better for the environment. did you know that almost 1.5 billion diapers end up in canadian landfills each year?! the numbers for the u.s. are even more staggering at 27.4 billion per year. it is estimated that it takes 250-500 years for disposable diapers to decompose so they're going to be sitting there for a loooooong time to come.
  5. they are easy to use. this ain't your grandma's cloth diaper. choose between snaps or velcro styles. definitely just as easy as disposables. plus you save yourself time from having to run to the store to buy disposables every couple of weeks.
  6. believe it or not, they are less messy than disposables. before we made the switch, our lil guy always had "blow-outs". one particularly bad episode happened while we were at the mall! definitely not a good time. but ever since nate's been in cloth, no blow-outs have occurred.
  7. cloth is more comfortable against baby's bottom.
  8. potty training is easier! cloth diapers help kids potty train faster because it makes them more aware of urinating.
of course, the inevitable down-side to cloth diapering is the laundering factor, but after cloth diapering our son full-time for the last 10 months, i can honestly tell you that it's not that bad. i cycle between 20-25 cloth diapers and end up doing an extra 1 to 2 loads per week. even if you use disposable diapers, you are still supposed to put the poop down the toilet (rather than in the trash can) so you're only creating the extra step of tossing them in the laundry. i definitely do not regret our decision to cloth diaper and would recommend it to anyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a new project

greetings, readers! if you've found your way onto this site, you are either friends of ours or you are also parents hoping to find out about more environmentally-responsible ways to raise your children. we are all in this together! in creating this blog, our hope is that we will be able to learn from each other as we find greener ways to parent.

if you have any comments, questions, or products you want to share, please feel free to contact us at: ecoparentblog AT
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