Monday, October 25, 2010

some me time

yesterday i got the chance to have a little "me time" and went to have a facial at a spa. a couple of friends had given me a gift card for a facial for my birthday, so i figured it was about time i used it (since it's been almost a year already!). the gift card was for a facial at pure + simple, which is a spa that uses all-natural (and mostly organic) products and its services emphasize holistic health principles. i've been experiencing bad skin since giving birth to my son almost two years ago. not sure if it's the weird hormones or if it's something else, but it's been a struggle dealing with it. the facial was very relaxing (with the exception of the extrations) and the esthetician was very good about explaining what she was doing and the products she was using. she explained that i needed to drink a lot more water since my skin was very dehydrated. i ended up getting a sampler kit to try some of their products at home. seems like quite the regimen, but if it'll give me nice skin, i'll do it!  :o)  if you live in the toronto area and you're looking for more natural skincare products, i highly recommend checking them out. david suzuki recently released a report about the "dirty dozen" cosmetic chemicals to avoid and all of the products at pure + simple are free of those chemicals.


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