Monday, October 11, 2010

mama earth organics

 i've been curious to try out one of these organic produce delivery services for a while, but with so many different ones out there, i couldn't decide which to try. i recently found this one company called mama earth organics and it seems to be reasonably priced. you don't have to commit to an entire season, but can just go week-to-week so the financial commitment is a lot less. for just $25 you can get a small produce basket delivered straight to your door. they also offer other organic items that you can add on to your order (such as bread, baking supplies, canned goods, cheeses, etc.). delivery is free for orders over $30 and the day of the week your basket gets delivered depends on where you live within the GTA. i think i'll give this a try some time this month. i figure at least it'll expand on the type of produce we eat and we'll also be supporting local farmers! more to come once we experience our first basket!


kristina smith said...

Hi Kat. Love your blog thus far, keep it up! I'm a mama earth customer and super happy with both the service and the produce. Always fresh, on time, and they include some great recipes as well. Hope you enjoy it!

kat said...

hi kristina!

thanks for the comment! and i'm so glad to hear about your mama earth experience. i was always uncertain about getting produce delivered, but wanted to try it. hearing how happy you are with their company makes it a bit easier for me to take the plunge and give it a shot so thanks for sharing!

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