Monday, October 3, 2011


as a WAHM (work-at-home mom) myself, i'm all for supporting WAHM businesses. lately i've found quite a few through facebook and have probably gone a bit crazy buying things from them. i think i might have a bit of an addiction. i mentioned two of them in my previous post (randumosity and oh sew green). i'm still eagerly anticipating my orders to arrive, but as they are just one woman operations, custom orders can take a bit of time.

another one that i've purchased from in the last couple of weeks is kael & kaed. facebook pages are a great way to check out their products and often there are sales! i bought a couple of wetbags from kael & kaed and just yesterday, i purchased a set of mitten clips from her. the fun part is getting to choose the fabrics for your items. for the mitten clips, i picked a fabric with space invaders video game characters on them. too cute. i'll be sure to put up images of everything once my orders arrive. next on my list of UNpaper towel set!

so go and check out some WAHM businesses! if you have ones that you love, let me know about them!
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