Saturday, July 10, 2010

eco-friendly art supplies

i saw these great eco-friendly art supplies by eco-kids on the anthropologie website today and just had to share about them! with worries about toxicity in paints and toys and such, it's nice to find products that are all natural. at eco-kids, you can find all natural play dough, paint, coloured pencils and paper. their eco-dough and eco-paint even come in gluten-free! their products are made with ingredients such as flour, natural and organic fruit, and vegetable extracts. go to for more information about their products and for a list of retailers.


The Wife said...

My little Poot loves art supplies! These are fab as he often tries to eat them... yes at 2 years old. Ugh.

found you on Cloth Diaper Bloggers!


kat said...

my lil guy also eats everything. i haven't had the chance to go and get these yet, but they seem like a great option...just in case something makes its way into his mouth when i'm not looking. ;o)

thanks for the comment and visit. i'm off to check out your blog!

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