Wednesday, February 23, 2011


at the top of the john hancock tower in downtown chicago
this past weekend was a long weekend, so we drove down to visit family in chicago. being on the road for 12-13 hours with a two-year-old is just too long. for the most part, the kiddo was pretty good in the car. five hours (or shorter) would probably be the perfect length. we borrowed a portable DVD player from friends just as a last resort, but didn't end up having to use it. our lil kiddo was content enough to just listen to his "yo gabba gabba" and "bobs & lolo" music.

they say that travel by car is much more environmentally-friendly than air travel, but it just takes so long to get anywhere from toronto. however, now that we would have to pay airfare for the kiddo, road trips do seem much more economical, but i guess it's at the expense of your own sanity.  :o)


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