Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mama cloth

i've decided to take the leap into the next realm of eco-friendliness...mama cloth! i originally had been quite hesitant to take this next step because i wasn't quite sure how it would work or if it would be icky, but after reading some reviews and seeing how fun the fabrics are, i thought i'd take a chance. i found a couple of WAHM companies via facebook and thought i'd check it out. right now i'm awaiting my first orders from randumosity and oh sew green. i figured liners were a pretty safe place to start though i also ordered some postpartum pads to try since i'll be needing those in about 5 weeks' time. randumosity also makes reusable nursing pads so i ordered some to compare against the fuzzi bunz ones that i love. anyway, i will write a review about both the mama cloth and nursing pads once they've arrived and i've had a chance to give them a try. stay tuned!  :o)


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