Monday, May 28, 2012

top baby gifts (part 1)

so it's been quite a while since i last posted a 'real' post so i thought it was high time for a new one. since many of my friends seem to be pregnant or having babies, this was a natural blog topic for me. this week i will be blogging about my favourite gifts to give to expectant mommies or new babies. i'll be writing about two per day (in no particular order) so be sure to check back in to catch all ten items. hope it gives you some ideas you might not have thought of before.  :o)

items #1 and #2 come from the same company. delish naturals is a mama-owned company specializing in handcrafted body care (made from all-natural and/or organic ingredients) for the whole family. so far everything i've tried from this line has become a family fave. their scents are oh-so-delicious and good for you too!

1) delish-ious shampoo & body wash by delish naturals ($15.50)

this scrumptious tear-free blend acts as both shampoo and body wash and works great on baby's delicate skin as well as yours. it is made entirely of the most gentle saponified oils, amino acids, vitamins and proteins and is nut, dairy, gluten, paraben, wax and phalate free. my favourite scent has got to be grape soda. definitely can't stop sniffing my kiddos post-bath when we use this!

2) yum bum butter by delish naturals ($15.50)

don't let the name fool you, this product is good for more than just bums. just some of its many uses include treating diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, cradle cap, cracked skin, and softening elbows and heels. just recently, i used it on my daughter's face (where she had scratched herself ... man do her fingernails grow quickly!) and those scratches started clearing up within the same day. for those parents who cloth diaper, this bum butter is also cloth diaper friendly. this product is available in a 4 oz tin or as a sampler kit if you want to try out 3 fabulous scents. monkey farts is a best-seller, but my new fave is probably mojito EO (EO = essential oil).

and all of the delish naturals products are made in canada (alberta, to be exact)!

preview: tomorrow's picks feature organic cottony goodness...


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