Wednesday, May 30, 2012

top baby gifts (part 3)

5) cuddly wrap from peapod creations ($84.95)
before trying a wrap firsthand, i had always thought they were rather daunting, but once i saw for myself how to tie one, i realized that it's quite simple once you get the hang on it, and it's super comfy to carry baby around in one. this wrap can be used from birth (even premature babies can be carried in this wrap!) all the way up to the toddler phase, but as my 3 year old won't let me try and carry him around in it, i cannot attest to how comfortable that would feel. however, carrying my second born around in this was a dream. when she was wrapped up in it, i could barely feel the extra weight on my back and/or shoulders and my hands were free to do things around the house or chase after my first born. the wrap is made from 100% organic cotton and is made right here in canada.

6) amber teething pain necklaces from healing amber ($19.99)
these necklaces are made from baltic amber, which is considered nature's pain reliever. when worn regularly, they will help your little one manage their teething pain symptoms. at first i wasn't sure if this worked, but one day my daughter did not have it on and she was more irritable than i'd ever seen her. that made a believer out of me! and it looks pretty cute on them too. just remember that babies should not be left unsupervised while wearing amber necklaces. when napping or sleeping, i usually wrap the necklace around my daughter's ankle and tuck it into her sleeper.


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